Inspiring organisations to thrive

Leapwise is a consulting firm with a track record of helping public sector leaders to create and sustain high performance

Our tailored strategy and planning services provide leaders the insight they need to invest wisely, improving public services and protecting value for money. We inspire workforces to thrive and perform through our leadership and organisation development expertise. And our assurance and turnaround capabilities support clients in achieving success even in challenging situations.

Known for our honesty, collaboration, and track record of delivery Leapwise is a trusted adviser in both central and local government, and particularly known for its deep expertise in Policing, Justice, and Public Safety.

We create bespoke organisational solutions

Connect with our highly-regarded, honest, and collaborative team for bespoke organisational solutions that deliver sustained results.

We have probably addressed challenges like the ones you face today but know that no two organisations are the same. We will work with you to create a tailored and effective solution that meets your precise needs and goals.

Our flexible but structured approach means that together we will get an evidence-based understanding of the problems your organisation is facing, find their root causes and co-create and implement the solutions that will stick in your specific operating environment.

Why Leapwise?

We Help you Build High Performance Organisations

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Sector-Specific Strategy and Planning Expertise

Unlock high performance and value for money with our sector-specific strategy and planning expertise. We equip you with data, evidence, and insight to make informed decisions, finding high-impact changes that transform performance and identifying cost and resource optimization opportunities. Our expertise helps you secure the funding your service needs and build compelling business cases in the public’s best interest.

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Leadership and Organisation Development

Elevate your leaders to the top of their game, so they are recognized for their contributions and inspiring their teams. Our tailored solutions help you define the leadership you want and need in order to succeed, then build it. This often requires far more than just ‘training’, so we work within your budgets to attract and retain talent, and design the new ways of working, systems, and incentives that will create high performance.

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Assurance and Turnaround Capabilities

Manage high-risk projects and navigate challenging operating environments with confidence. Our proven approaches and expertise in turning around challenging programmes provide you with the assurance and support needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success even under pressure.

Our Values

The Leapwise team upholds a set of behaviours that reflect our values and organisational norms. These shape how we work with you and each other:

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We do meaningful work.

We strive to do work that makes a positive difference for our partners and society. We do this in our core projects and programmes, not just our pro bono work — and it means we don’t do work for the sake of it, only where it can improve public outcomes and genuinely seek to improve things.

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We learn and grow together

We believe in and aim to develop everyone’s potential — striving to be open to challenge, to embrace new challenges, experiment creatively and support our people and clients to develop.

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We champion decency and openness

Concepts like caring are tricky at work — as there will always be occasional tensions between what is right for the organisation and what best supports the individuals working in or with it. Decency is, however, a non-negotiable for our team and we aim to champion openness and inclusivity.

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We give and take ownership

We take responsibility and initiative but also empower others to do the same, aiming to give people the ownership that helps them do their best work. We are all leaders in some areas and good followers in others.


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