Strategic Planning

Hounslow Council

The Challenge

Hounslow council wanted to decide how much to invest in different preventative programmes as part of its ambitious One Hounslow transformation programme. However, the Council knew that teams across departments were facing gaps in evidence and had relatively limited experience in commissioning for outcomes, and building evidence-based business cases.


The Council worked with Leapwise to design a new outcomes-based commissioning framework and methodology.

A range of departments and teams worked with Leapwise in six ‘Sprints’ to develop clarity around the benefits of delivering different key outcomes, and improved understanding of evidence-based iniatives.

Leapwise developed a tool that to equip teams to develop evidence-based business cases to support commissioning decisions in future, and worked closely with finance and business change leads to support understanding and use.


The work resulted in significant investment decisions made, driving significant public outcome improvements and potential increases in value for money.
The tool is already in use by other teams and the model has been shared with neighbouring boroughs for amplified public impact

“The outcome surpassed expectations as it has delivered a methodology Hounslow is now seeking to adopt across all relevant change activity”

Rob Meldrum
Hounslow AD Finance

Our Work

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High Performance Policing

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