Strategic Planning

Police Digital Services (PDS)

The Challenge

In 2022, PDS was still a relatively new organization, facing competing requirements from stakeholders across policing but possessing only limited resources to achieve their ambition to transform the use of digital, data and technology across UK policing. Departments within PDS had been developing plans and projects at pace, but there was a risk that efforts would be fragmented without a co-ordinated process.


Leapwise worked collaboratively with PDS in three main steps:


Running a series of workshops with the PDS senior leadership team that clarified PDS’ vision and direction


Developing a clear service lines framework and defining strategic ambitions and success factors for each


Conducting budget analysis and engaging with SLT and SMT to develop a strategic delivery plans of key actions in next 1-2 years to drive towards delivering 5 year ambition


PDS has successfully maintained HO and policing support and funding, with the service line framework developed through this work having been formally adopted by PDS board. The work resulted in a simplified plan which provided clarity of priorities and directions to the organization internally, and could be used in stakeholder conversations. The work also created a clear framework for budget asks and measurements of PDS impact.

“We met Leapwise back in 2021 and were immediately impressed with their awareness of the unique position we, PDS, found ourselves in. They understood both the policing and political dimensions of our challenges and were able to offer relatable and credible viewpoints…

The team were incredibly mission focused and were keen to ensure they met the goals and achieve an excellent outcome but along with this were able to offer flexibility and adaptability in approach as, with all of policing, things can change in a heartbeat!

The out turn of the work Leapwise completed has built a solid strategic foundation for the company to build its service offerings from. This in turn has enabled the company to develop its 3 year strategy with a great deal of confidence that it is achievable.

We would absolutely consider working with Leapwise again in the near future.”

Alex Bowen
Chief Digital, Data and Technology Officer, Police Digital Service

Our Work

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